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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is quite a generic term to cover photographs that will be used to promote or run your business; whether you are selling products through on an online shop, want advertising artwork for a magazine, or require marketing merchandise for sales fairs and events. It can cross over with some of the more specific services I cover but if you are not sure where to start - start here!

Generally my commercial customers come either with a preconceived idea or branding outline they want me to adhere to, or they ask me to help them define what that should be. Whatever the size of your business or your own creative input or capabilities, I can help you put together some great materials to match your requirements, using meticulous planning and a dollop of creativity.

As well as photographs, and help with art direction, I offer a design service for leaflets, business cards, brochures magazines and websites, so you can get all your work done with just one supplier if preferred.

Every customers requirements are different but if you are not sure what happens next do the following:

  • Send me an online enquiry or email to outline in summary what you are looking for and the timeframes for delivery.
  • Feel free to share mood boards, example artworks you want to emulate, or previous relavant images from you company.
  • We will talk extensively throughout the project, both to define the outcomes, and as the images are developed.
  • You will receive your own customer portal that will contain all your contract documents, invoices and links to the project mood boards so anyone in your company can have access throughout the project.

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